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Patton - Smartnode Certified Specialist

I was born in Istanbul in 1975, after having completed my primary and secondary education in Istanbul I graduated in 1992 from Science High School of Bursa. In 1992 I attended to the department of Istanbul Technical University - Electronics and Communications Engineering.

I performed the database management at European Conference of Circuit Theory and Project (ECCTD'95) which has been organized in Istanbul in 1995 while I was studying at university. In the same years I have supplied Data Processing consultancy services in many private sector companies. After the end of the conference towards the end of 1995 I worked in the IT department of FMV Işık High School. My responsibilities included to enhance the local network, to spread the usage of the Internet and training of the users.

I participated to the MagNet project at the end of 1995. MagNet was one of the first ISP companies in Turkey, however was closed down in 1999. I performed twice the Turkey Internet Users’ Survey in order to determine the profile of Turkey’s Internet users at MagNet. The results of this research have been used by many media institutions and Microsoft as a reference. After having worked as Technical Manager for approximately two years I left MagNet and worked for a system integrator again as Technical Manager between 1998 and October 2000. Here my responsibilities were supporting the presales, after sales and marketing departments, management of the technical team, follow up of installations and obtaining the licenses for the imported telecommunications equipments. Besides, I also arranged for the sales and technical trainings.

1. Every thing exists in the universe has at least one purpose.
2. If a single thing without a purpose could be found, its purpose would be being an exception for article #1 and this would contradict its existence.
3. Article #2 can be generalized for n things. I've worked for BNET İletişim A.Ş., (Later Borusan Telekom, present Vodafone Alternatif) which was a group company of Borusan Holding as Technology Manager between October 2000 and February 2002. I took part of installation of first privately owned ATM/Frame Relay backbone in Turkey at BNET. I left BNET in order to complete my academic studies in February 2002. I was the general manager of TIX (Turkish Internet Exchange) between January 2003 and September 2003 and business development manager of Atlas Online between September 2003 and March 2005. I was responsible for designing and construction of first Private Long Distance Telephony Service Infrastructure based on NGN concept in Turkey while I was working for Atlas On-Line. I've worked for a major ISP/ITSP company as NGN (Next Generation Networks) Operations Manager in Turkey between 2006 and 2010. I'm currently serving to leading ITSP/ISP and system integrator compaines in Turkey as a consultant.

I'm married with one child.

Routing Application for Number Portability (TekSIP Route Server)

TekSIP Route Server is a SIP Redirect Server developed using Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. It returns operator information by querying a table which holds ported number records in a Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access database (MDB). NGN components communicate with TekSIP Route Server through SIP 2.0 protocol.


I've written three books on data communications in Turkish:


I've developed following softwares using Microsoft .NET development platform:

  • TekRADIUS (RADIUS [RFC 2865, RFC 2866] Server for Windows), 2007

  • TekSIP (SIP [RFC 3261] Registrar/Proxy Server for Windows with MS Lync support), 2007*

  • TekSIP Route Server (SIP [RFC 3261] Redirect Server for Windows), 2011

  • TekIVR (SIP [RFC 3261] IVR for Windows with MS Lync support), 2008*

  • ARPMiner (Captive portal / Hotspot software for Windows), 2013

  • WebKilit (HTTP Interface for Windows Firewall and URL filter), 2013

  • TekSMTP (SMTP [RFC 2812] / POP3 [RFC 1939] Server for Windows with TLS and Anti-SPAM support), 2013

  • TekFax (SIP [RFC 3261] T.38 Fax Receiver Server for Windows), 2008*

  • TekConSer (SIP [RFC 3261] Conference Server for Windows), 2009*

  • TekCERT (Self Signed X.509 Certificate Generator for Windows), 2008

  • TekOTP (One Time Password (OTP) Generator for Windows based on RFC 2289), 2012

  • TekFTP (FTP Client Software for Windows based on RFC 959), 2008

  • TekWiFi (WiFi Connection and Diagnostic Tool), 2011

  • sipcli (Command line SIP [RFC 3261] user agent for Windows), 2008

  • SIPob (SIP [RFC 3261] outbound dialer for Windows), 2014

  • Tekaba (SIP [RFC 3261] VoIP gateway for Windows), 2014

  • SMPPCli (Command line SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) client for Windows), 2014

  • TekTape (SIP audio recorder and call detail records (CDR) generator for Windows), 2014

  • TelCLI (Command line Telnet [RFC 854] client with scripting for Windows), 2013

  • TekPhone (SIP Softphone - [RFC 3261] user agent for Windows), 2008*

  • TekENUM (Electronic NUmber Mapping (ENUM) [RFC 3761] Server for Windows), 2011

  • ENUM Resolver (Electronic NUmber Mapping (ENUM) [RFC 3761] Lookup utility), 2008


Web based tools:

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